Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The Silence Broken

Building a new relationship is like having a new born baby. You must nurture the child; Give it attention; Give it love; Give it time. Your past experiences help you to be a better parent. You ignorances will cause minor ailments, but your tender love and care will nurse the child back to health.

For the past month Brooklyn and I have given birth to a child (named relationship) We are giving it all it needs to survive through life. We are positioning ourselves so that the child can grow into a strong and healthy one. One that can withstand trials and tribulations. These trials have come in the form of skepticism, disrespect, attempted infiltration, and past experiences. Our nuturing prepared us for these tribulations and have gotten us through them.

While I have been attending to my new relationship, other aspects of my life have changed i.e friends. Friends are important to me and I respect the friendsships that I have built. It seems though, that some people have become offended, hurt, or bothered that I have not spent enough or any time with them over the last couple of weeks. I do not apologize for my actions, especially when I communicated my thoughts on relationships prior to this new one. I specifically stated that I am a different person single than I am "married." It is funny that some of my friends (Hi Jay) remember that conversation and embrace that idea, where some scorn it and do not agree. Either way, my relationship (aside from school and GOD) , will continue to occupy my full attention. I will create a balance to include my friends, but I believe that if truly someone is a friend they will be a friend before and during a relationship. They will understand the time it takes to build a relationship and get over there personal feelings. They will embrace the happiness of their friend.

Happy Holidays to All from Tyson:

...And so it goes