Friday, February 29, 2008


Friendships, relationships and various situations involve a wide variety of emotions. It must be understood that people deal with these situations and these emotions in a variety of ways. There is no right or wrong way, and one cannot be faulted for their way of handling circumstances. Often times there comes a point where relationships (whether they be friends, lover or acquaintances) end. At that defining moment, most people require some answers. Why am I here? Why didn't this work? Why is he/she not talking to me? What did I do? How dare they act like this? What is their problem? Questions like these allow a person to have closure. They feel that knowing the answers will make everything alright or at least let them move on. "I don't understand.....I'm confused!" These epiphanies that the answers supposedly allow you to experience does not change you or what happened. Answers are not always the way to go. Prime example being Eve and that damn Tree of Knowledge. She thought, or was persuaded to think that by eating this fruit she would experience knowledge and wisdom. She ate, she experienced closure, and then she died!!! See what answers do for you.

Don't dwell on closure. Don't seek answers to situations that don't readily allow them. Some answers are not meant for you to have. Some answers may hurt your feelings. Some answers may put you in a worse state than what you are in now.

I have been silent for the past few weeks for several reasons. I am writing this blog to allow closure for people who need it. Know, that through all the things I go through (and trust I go through a lot!!!!!) I understand what situations can be changed and what cannot. Know that time heals all wounds.

***Sometimes you may be upset with someone about something, not realizing that they are upset with you for something completely different. But realize, if they want you to know, they will tell you. Don't expect an explanation. There may be good reason for the silence.

Regarding said text.........
The only person I communicate with on a regular basis is Jay. Not only because he needs support and attention right now, but mainly because through EVERYTHING, he remained nonjudgmental, supportive, and honest. HE remained a friend. THANK YOU JAY!!! (I think I just shed a tear for ya.)

I don't consider anyone enemies and I have not written anyone off. Just know that time heals all wounds for you and for me (whatever wounds they may be) I look forward to a time where we may once again be a "circle of friends"

...And so it goes